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The Life-Tec HEALTHBOUNDER is long lasting, pleasant to use, and simple to fold up and store. This rebounder gives you an easy-does-it, low-impact exercise that dramatically improves your circulation and exercises all major muscles groups instantly without any harm. Rebounding strengthens and helps cleanse every cell in your body.

Some of the important features found in the Life-Tec HEALTHBOUNDER are:

* 36 specially designed 4-inch springs that deliver a pleasant health-building bounce that protects your knees and spine from injury.

* Platform made from UV resistant Permatron, the only fabric that does not stretch or tear out. This special platform material will also help prevent ankle injury.

* The Life-Tec HEALTHBOUNDER is engineered with spring loaded collapsible legs and the frame has hinges so you can fold it, making it small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, the back of the closet, and under the bed.

* This rebounder is engineered so that the frame will never wear through and will last forever. The frame is backed by a ten-year warranty and Permatron mat is guaranteed for five years.

* The Life-Tec HEALTHBOUNDER comes with a stabilizing bar for people who are elderly, overweight or just starting an exercise program.

* The rebounder has higher legs to smooth out its power curve. The unit sits 10 inches from the ground and is built sturdy enough so that a 300 pound person can use it effectively, yet low enough so that a 6 ft. 2 in. person cannot hit a standard ceiling.

* The Life-Tec HEALTHBOUNDER is recognized as the standard of excellence in high-quality rebound exercise equipment. People from around the world - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Bangkok, Switzerland, Israel, England, Japan, The United States, Canada - have attested to the health-boosting benefits rebounding has to offer.

Special Offer
The retail price for the bi-fold Life-Tec HEALTHBOUNDER with the stabilizing bar is $299.95. You can save $100 off the retail price during our introductory special offer.
Your will receive:

* Stabilizing Bar
* Carrying Case
* VHS Workout Video

Sale Price $199.95

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with results of using the Life-Tec HEALTHBOUNDER just return it within 30 days and you will receive a full refund.

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