Magnetic Seat & Back Cushion

Great for the home, car or office, the combination of magnets and foam massage nodes is designed for those sitting for long periods of time. Lightweight and portable, Gary Null's Magnetic Seat and Back Cushion provides benefits to the lower back and seat. High quality ceramic magnets with a rating of 3950 gauss are arranged so that the negative field (North polarity) faces the body when sitting on the convoluted side. Feel the difference at the end of the day.

Now with 100 magnets!

Dimensions: 16 in. x 36 in.

Fabric cover is hand-washable.

Precautions: Magnetic fields can damage or erase any type of magnetic data storage. They can also distort computer screens. Keep a 3-4 foot distance from: music and video tapes, computer software, credit cards and bank teller cards. Keep a 5-6 foot distance from CRT screens. Magnetic fields can effect instrumentation such as: watches, pacemakers and/or automatic internal defibrillators, as well as surgical pins or plates. If you use any of these devices, please do not maintain close proximity to a strong magnetic field. Use of magnets during pregnancy should be avoided. Strong magnets can snap together very quickly and pinch fingers or cause the magnets to break when two or more come within 4 of each other. Dropping magnets on a hard surface may also cause breakage.

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